Exotic Birds and Fruit


Exotic Birds and Fruit
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Artist: Procol Harum
Released: 1974, April
Labels: Chrysalis Records
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  Nothing But the Truth (Brooker, Reid) - 3:13 Lyrics
  Beyond the Pale (Brooker, Reid) - 3:03 Lyrics
  As Strong As Samson (Brooker, Reid) - 5:05 Lyrics
  The Idol (Brooker, Reid) - 6:38 Lyrics
  The Thin End of the Wedge (Brooker, Reid) - 3:44 Lyrics
  Monsieur R. Monde (Brooker, Reid) - 3:40 Lyrics
  Fresh Fruit (Brooker, Reid) - 3:05 Lyrics
  Butterfly Boys (Brooker, Reid) - 4:25 Lyrics
  New Lamps for Old (Brooker, Reid) - 4:07 Lyrics
  10  Drunk Again (Brooker, Reid) - 4:31 Lyrics
  11  The Blue Danube (Brooker, Reid) - 3:46  
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Tracks 10 and 11 are bonus track on reissue

Chris Copping - Organ, Bass, Keyboards
Alan Cartwright - Bass
Gary Brooker - Harmonica, Piano, Keyboards, Vocals
B.J. Wilson - Drums, Percussion
B.J. Cole - Pedal Steel Guitar
Mick Grabham - Guitar, Guitar (Electric)
Keith Reid - Lyrics
Chris Thomas - Producer
John Punter - Engineer
Chris Welch - Liner Notes


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